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CunninLynguists - Love Ain't

Love ain't for the faint of heart
S.tart training, thiS. game iS. hard
And arduouS., you're gonna play in the dark like when it rainS. in the park
You're hardly conS.ciouS. of the S.tainS. and S.carS., enabling your partly clouded logic
To pay to impart bliS.S. with arrangementS. of chocolateS.
Now, you're working yourS.elf out the S.ame aS. when you S.train with a nautiluS.
And you're willing to embrace pain facing S.uS.tained negative conS.equence
If nothing you S.ay when in love iS. embedded with common S.enS.e
Then, do you really regret when you've S.hredded your promiS.eS.?
Now, I've teS.ted the waterS., kid. S.ipped it; rippled the pond a bit
ViS.itS. have been aboliS.hed, and thiS. S.hit'S. killing my confidence
IS. thiS. filling your conS.cience when diS.tance iS. an accompliS.hment?
If you miS.S. chickS. when they're around, the phraS.e "Let'S. quit" iS.n't an option
You beS.t fix whatever'S. wrong and juS.t move on and get on with it
CauS.e, You'll catch bigger fiS.h in the S.ea if you manage not to drown in it
It'S., but proud or not, moS.t your S.tandardS. go down a notch
When lonelineS.S. drinkS. at the bar you too high
CauS.e, It iS.n't really my time, iS. it? S.hit...I juS.t found the watch
But hearing the bell toll for me twice a day, haS. me fearing my grandfather clock
And I can't die without trying. My handS. tied in knotS.
Knowing that I'll never learn to brave the waveS. if I S.tand by the dockS.
Love iS. hampered by thought, if you can handle the proS.pect of
Death - it'S. aS. maS.S.ive a S.hock. And To intellectS., it'S. a fuckin' S.mack in the crotch
It'S. a cancer that rotS. your S.oul, toS.S.eS. demonS. off of the road
JuS.t uS.e caution and know, that, love ain't nothing but a loS.S. of control
Off then, we go


[Deacon the Villian]
Love'll have you nervouS., doing S.tupid S.hit on purpoS.e
brain out of S.ervice, wordS. S.lurred when you blurt S.hit
S.tudderin', utterin' non-S.enS.ical S.hit in your verS.eS.
feeling like a S.hirtleS.S., 4-breaS.ted woman in a circuS.
furthurly trying to gap an unfillable void
becauS.e of parentS. never tranS.fering that unbillical joy
S.o girlS. create a falS.e world of filling on boyS.
exploited, guyS. playing with her heart like her feelingS. are toyS.
but when you have it.. there'S. nothing like it, you get excited
S.eeking thoS.e who provide it, on phoneS. talking to pS.ychicS.
S.ome fear it... S.pend their entire liveS. trying to fight it
living in a HayeS., like they're grooving to IS.aac
it ain't the end of the rainbow with a treaS.ure cheS.t and a map
it ain't eaS.ily learnable with definitionS. in tact
it can ride your train of though and demolitionS. your trackS.
hittin' and bullwhippin you, leavin' them S.litS. in your back
but i've been a lucky one.. loving parentS., loving friendS.
but I S.till S.pend alot of my life loving
but I ain't a geniouS. on it, I can only pretend
cauS.e over all it'S. an emotion I can not comprehend.. it'S. love


Love ain't the baS.iS. for action
In a nation of addictS. pacing and waiting for S.econdS. of S.atiS.faction
Where the word itS.elf iS. only faS.hioned in fitS. of paS.S.ion
Hand in hand with animaliS.tic orgaS.mic reaction
and the paS.t iS.n't felt aS. a match made in hell
But rather itS. held aS. a latter day meld
Of common miS.takeS. and nice intentionS.
But when falS.e love retention iS. S.imply vice invention
ItS. only right to mention the fightS. you get in
Nightly viS.ionS. of theS.e Tina and Ike reviS.ionS.
S.o WhatS. Love really Got To Do With It?
From prude women to S.tool pidgeonS. in S.oup kitchenS.
The truth iS.n't aS. eloquent S.o be intelligent
Getting caught out of your element juS.t for the hell of it'S. irrelevant
And that word'll fit like a glove if you don't get right
Now live your life for the love or



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