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Freaky shit. Futai placut si pace. 

Naughty by Nature - Uptown Anthem

Verse One: Treach 

Hey, you could smoke a spliff with a cliff 
But there's still no mountain hiiiigh enough, or wide enough to touch 
The naughty nappy nasty nigga the nasty trashy hoe happy pappy 
That's Happi to be Nappi 
Me and Vin rock when spots hit flocks 
and groups and troops with Timbo boots and jail suits 
That's how I'm rollin my hair-do don't 
Win I will I got wantin competition ain't dope 
Beat ya break ya broke ya smoke ya take ya 
Send you to your little group on mute, sooner or later 
When wanna flip, tell em full semi half with a dip 
And all that other Ringling Brothers shit 
Sporty naughty hi bye greater than nature while I 
shin slam the flim flim and then jam 
You can run but you can't hide, you can't go far 
No matter where you go, there you are 

Chorus: repeat 2X 

We gonna BREAK, we gonna BASH 
We gonna ROLL, we gonna SMASH 

Verse Two: Treach, Vinnie 

Here we go yo 
Hit a nigga kill a nigga will come back 
See a sucker stretch a sucker guard your naps 
Cussin wasn't nothin til a black man rapped 
See a forty suck a forty guess who's back 

You're chillin with a Teddy fillin villian 
Steppin to the puny puddy punks catchin fillings 
I hit so many guts, call me gutter, I'm the bread and butter 
punk motherfucker I'll cut up, workin from the gut up 
Brand new steady, heavy as a Chevy 
Ready for the piddy peddy, I'm Friddie Freddie 
Place your bet on a vet, the three man threat 
What you see is what you get 


Verse Three: Treach 

Comin round your corner with my uptown bunch 
I bet your bottom dollar that you're bottom buck chumps 
Give it up, it's a juice thing I'm steppin for the rep and 
wreckin all the rest and, weapon testin on who's steppin 
Ain't no bluff for the niggy nuff, for the rugged ruff stuff 
nigga if you're tough knuckle up 
I'll cut your ass like class, then blast you by the trash 
After I laugh then I'll dash 
You can't handle the scandal of an uptown vandal 
Shootin up your toes makin sandals 
Somebody told me that you owe me, but can't nobody hold me 
I do my dirt all by my lonely 


Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M

[Intro: Raekwon the Chef, Method Man]

What that nigga want God?
Word up, look out for the cops (Wu-Tang five finger shit)
(Cash Rules) Word up, two for fives over here baby
Word up, two for fives them niggaz got garbage down the way, word up
(Cash Rules Everything Around Me
C.R.E.A.M. get...)
Yeah, check this ol fly shit out
Word up
(Cash Rules Everything Around Me) Take you on a natural joint
(C.R.E.A.M. get the money) Here we here we go
(dolla dolla bill y'all) Check this shit, yo!

[Verse One: Raekwon the Chef]

I grew up on the crime side, the New York Times side
Staying alive was no jive
At second hands, moms bounced on old men
So then we moved to Shaolin land
A young youth, yo rockin the gold tooth, 'Lo goose
Only way, I begin to gee off was drug loot
And let's start it like this son, rollin with this one
And that one, pullin out gats for fun
But it was just a dream for the teen, who was a fiend
Started smokin woolies at sixteen
And running up in gates, and doing hits for high stakes
Making my way on fire escapes
No question I would speed, for cracks and weed
The combination made my eyes bleed
No question I would flow off, and try to get the dough all
Sticking up white boys in ball courts
My life got no better, same damn 'Lo sweater
Times is ruff and tuff like leather
Figured out I went the wrong route
So I got with a sick ass click and went all out
Catchin keys from across seas
Rollin in MPV's, every week we made forty G's
Yo nigga respect mine, or anger the tech nine
Ch-chick-POW! Move from the gate now

[Chorus: Method Man]

Cash, Rules, Everything, Around, Me
Get the money
Dollar, dollar bill y'all

[Verse Two: Inspector Deck]

It's been twenty-two long hard years of still strugglin
Survival got me buggin, but I'm alive on arrival
I peep at the shape of the streets
And stay awake to the ways of the world cause shit is deep
A man with a dream with plans to make C.R.E.A.M.
Which failed; I went to jail at the age of 15
A young buck sellin drugs and such who never had much
Trying to get a clutch at what I could not... could not...
The court played me short, now I face incarceration
Pacin -- going up state's my destination
Handcuffed in back of a bus, forty of us
Life as a shorty shouldn't be so ruff
But as the world turns I learned life is hell
Living in the world no different from a cell
Everyday I escape from Jakes givin chase, sellin base
Smokin bones in the staircase
Though I don't know why I chose to smoke sess
I guess that's the time when I'm not depressed
But I'm still depressed, and I ask what's it worth?
Ready to give up so I seek the Old Earth
Who explained working hard may help you maintain
to learn to overcome the heartaches and pain
We got stickup kids, corrupt cops, and crack rocks
and stray shots, all on the block that stays hot
Leave it up to me while I be living proof
To kick the truth to the young black youth
But shorty's running wild smokin sess drinkin beer
And ain't trying to hear what I'm kickin in his ear
Neglected, but now, but yo, it gots to be accepted
That what? That life is hectic


[Chorus -- 4X]

Niggas gots to do what they gotta do, to get a bill
Cuz we can't just get by no more
Word up, we gotta get over, straight up and down

[Chorus -- 3X]

Cash Rules Everything Around Me
get the money
Dolla dolla bill y'aauhhhaaaauhhhhahhhauhhhhll, YEAH

MC Shan - They Used To Do It Out In The Park

The hip-hop sound went through stages
Embark on a trip as I flip through pages
This particular part 'bout a bridge on the Hudson
I first got hand by the rhymes and the cuts and
If I'm not mistaken makin two records mix
And certain deejays had a few dope tricks
If you asked to be on you would be their guest, y'all
Say a few 'ho's and a 'yes yes y'all'
They had battles of the neighborhood jocks
And I used to take the jam right straight to the box
Every now and then you'd hear gunshots ring
Just duck, what the fuck, yo, it ain't no thing
What I thought was shots was just a few pranksters
Were pow-pow-pow men juicin the gangsters
Hip-hop - was set out in the dark
Hip-hop - was set out in the dark
They used to do it out in the park
They used to do it out in the park
Hip-hop - was set out in the dark
Hip-hop - was set out in the dark

This was a time MC's used to bug out
Yo, what happened? (Yo, somebody pulled the plug out)
Just about the time when you jumped for joy
(Yo, you take my stage, I'ma kill you, boy)
Answer back and gettin smacked and your friends made jokes
(Hey, pack it up and get out of the park, folks)
But only to the cops we made some committment
I was shocked when the stick-up kids took the equipment
Say - what - is the message?
(Love is the message)
Say - what - is the message?
(Love is the message)
Hip-hop - was set out in the dark
They used to do it out in the park

In the winter time they moved the jams to the ????
Do you think that the cold made the whole thing cease?
I recall sein Flash one time - no, two
Can't forget about the Queensbridge Crew
For this is the place which I made my mark
And those who resist or try to dis get sparked
In the park after dark things really got cookin
I seen the titles of idols and many chains get tooken
I seen the scatter of pack, letter for letter
If you wasn't from the town they'd beat you down
But these are just pieces of the ancient ways
But the rule still applies to the rhymes nowadays
Just wave your hands in the air
And wave em like you just don't care
If you used to do it out in the park
Let me hear you say 'oh yeah!' (oh yeah!)
Oh yeah! (oh yeah!)

A time when..
Hip-hop - was set out in the dark
Hip-hop - was set out in the dark
They used to do it out in the park
They used to do it out in the park
Hip-hop - was set out in the dark
Hip-hop - was set out in the dark
They used to do it out in the park
They used to do it out in the park

Dead dreams - still bought and sold
I strive and I strive to receive my goal
I'm still not happy up until this day
But I'm chill and I don't care what nobody say
Livin and learnin about the straight up deal
And got by cause I went by just what I feel
Cause I refuse to be mislead
By puttin pipes to my lips and smoke in my head
Think about it, much, much later
Go to school and expand because knowledge is greater
But she chose to lead that fate
Eye to eye with a dick on a $5 date
The whole purpose of the story I told
Was mainly to inspire you to reach your goal
Stop walkin through life as if you were blind
You should reach for your goal cause I'm reachin for mine
They used to d-do it out in the park
D-do it out in the park
Hip-hop - was set out in the dark
Hip-hop - was set out in the dark
They used to do it out in the park
They used to do it out in the park
Hip-hop - was set out in the dark
Hip-hop - was set out in the dark
They used to do it out in the park
They used to do it out in the park
Hip-hop - was set out in the dark
They used to do it out in the park
Hip-hop - was set out in the dark
They used to do it out in the park

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo - Ill Street Blues

Aw yeah, word up, word to mother. Here comes G. Rap with another one y'all. 
We going to swing it like this...

I'm right in front of my front steps thinking of a plan
Looking like Raggedy Ann, no dough in hand kicking a can
Thinking of a plot to pull some bank in
Because I'm dead and stinking
Soles on my shoes winking, t-shirt is shrinking
Soon I see some ties and my eyes open wide quick
Who's that with you, chick? Bill Blass my sidekick
What's up, black? Give his hand a smack
Up pulls a Cadillac, yo baby we'll be back
Jumped right on inside, not too many people saw us
Thinking about who gotta get robbed because the mob got a job for us
The drove us down to the sober section
Of town where the clowns don't be paying for protection
The want us to send a message to Jimmy the bartender
Lend a friend the money next you're ripping off his car fenders
He's coming up short cause he snorts
Coke, dope, nope, and hope he don't get caught
He owes some Benjamin Franklins, every last bit of em
But Jimmy's pockets are empty, so now we gotta get rid of him
But Jimmy's wife is with him and they don't want to involve her
Hopped out the back seat they gave me a revolver
Blass, you distract him while I go and whack him
Entered through the back side of the bar and then attacked him
He's screaming for his life, reaching for his wife
Shot him in the back of the head and shanked him with a knife
And that goes for anybody who's gotta pay they dues
You lose, cause I got the Ill Street Blues

You lose, cause I got the Ill Street Blues (repeat 4x)

Suckers I clobber, because my town is full of cops and robbers
You're not promised tomorrow in this Little Shop of Horrors
So I got to get with the business of hit quick
Moneygrip's pocket's looking thick so I stick Slick
Hold it right here, hands in the air, I know you got the loot
Or better yet, face down on the ground, empty your pockets troop
Hit the deck I got the Tech right on your neck
And I expect to make a buck to heck with a traveller's check
But if a vic' tries to choke me
I'll have to smoke him like I'm Smokey the Bear, so okie dokie
Goodbye, or bon voyage, have a good journey
Don't even try begging for your life, that don't concern me
So to the next weasel that freezes
Your begging and your pleases only getting your closer to meeting Jesus
Yeah, I shake a schmuck just to make a buck
Then I break a duck and if the duck gotta get bucked then I don't give a fuck
Hyper as a sniper piping niggas like a plumber
Cold vicking and sticking up the ones that run the numbers
Or even a bigger score, the lady in the liquor store
Go inside and kick in the door, pull her then I'm stickin her for
Money or your life, honey hurry and choose
You lose, because I got the Ill Street Blues


Extra extra read all about it in the papers
The boss tried to rape us, so we tossed him off the skyscraper
Because he pulled some other people to try and hit us
Get us, but none of them did us, he must be trying to kid us
But that's dead, I'll thank God in the red, 'cross the bread borders
So nobody can short us, he fled down to headquarters
Ready to put some work in, we're not a lazy crew, we'll do a job or two
But yo, the man can't even stick me with some Crazy Glue
Ready to tore him even more because she saw him
We took out all the lookouts in the front and kicked his door in
What's up snake, why'd you violate?
Because I'm a hossa (What's that?) 
Yo, that's a pig that don't fly straight
Getting ready to jab him, I grabbed him by the necktie
Homie tried to get fly, and swing I gave him a decked eye
You know the evil that men do, hell is where the men go
We snatched him by his hands and feet and threw him out the window
Up, up, and away cause I don't play, clown
Buck, buck, buck, take that with you on the way down
I'm hoping you got springs and wings on your shoes
But you lose, because I got the Ill Street Blues


Barack Obama???

Asta-i cel mai cautat string pe net? WTF? Ce se-ntampla cu lumea? Nu se mai cauta "cacat porno" si chestii d-astea? Ma rog...


X-Ecutioners - Live From The Pj's (feat. Black Thought, Ghostface Killah, Trife Da God)

Lyrics to  :
(feat. Black Thought, Ghostface Killah, Trife Da God)

One two, one two, one two, one two
So you wanna start up, what we gonna tear shit up?
I said let the turntables talk for me at first
And then I should finish the rest

[Hook x2: Ghostface Killah]
Theodore Deini, Deini, Deini, Deini (say what)
Theodore Deini, Deini, Deini, Deini (say what)
Theodore Deini, Deini, Deini, Deini (say what)

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Aiyo, what up? Aiyo, what's poppin' and shit
Yo, this your man, Ghost Deini and shit, Trife Diesel on the side
Money Come First, Theodore Unit, aiyo, son blind these niggaz
Throw bleachin'

[Trife Da God]
Aiyo, aiyo, what's poppin' out in Stapleton Park, hoppin' the V's
Call Ghost, special invited host, bring through the seeds
Sun beamin' like a hundred degrees, yo Tone!
Hurry up, get your ass in the truck, it's time to leave

[Ghostface Killah]
Hold on, I gotta polish my ring, throw on my Clarks
And you know, I can't iron man garments, without the stars, just
Double park, give me ten minutes or less
I overslept, my bitch left, and my crib is a mess

[scratches and talk]
"If you not down, you not an M.C. or a D.J., off the stage"

[Trife Da God]
It's the Theodore event, so they blocked off the streets
And we came here to chill, but the cops wanna beef
Little kids, shootin' hoops on the court, playin' horse
All the young bucks, rocking new gear, try'nna floss

[Ghostface Killah]
Say no more, let's motivate Trife, throw on your poker face
Spin around the block one time, so we can spoke the place
Yeah, it's lookin' lavish, and the scene looks wonderful
Pockets full of trees, and my shit look colorful

[Trife Da God]
We got the X-Men spinnin', on the one's and two's
No drugs, no violence, leave home the guns and tools
And the grill's just cookin' up chicken and steak
And greedy ass Uncle Ronnie, yo, he lickin' the plate

[Interlude: ?]
Ladies and gentlemen, we got Black Thought in the house tonight
Yo, he just came from off tour, and I think he wanna spit something, yo!

[Black Thought]
Yo, we X-Ecute 'em, with the rapid fire, pealin' your face off
Sprayin' up the party, from the ceiling with napalm
Shots follow the target, I ain't gon chase ya'll
Swinging aluminum bats, that's not for baseball
It's humor, the way ya'll makin' me laugh
I'm like a, natural born hustler, gotta get that cash
The way a natural born, freak, gotta shake that ass
And anybody wanna eat, gotta break that fast
A million crabs in a barrel, try'nna make they splash
Break away fast, nice brother's finish in last
It don't, matter the speakers, or the hammers can blast
To handle your ass, frontin', I'mma take your stash
And twist it, and bake the whole, projects biscuits
This kid is a trendsetter, ya'll just misfits
Black Thought, I've been better, ya'll just forgettin' shit
Now it's a life or death predicament
I step in with a vendetta, then start spittin' shit
Then spit game, that's ridiculous, ya'll muthafuckas insignificant
I'm three fifty seven, magnificent
Stay playin', where them bad bitches is, you feelin' tonight
You know they feelin', let the semi automatic bend
They fend to have 'em in the ghetto, goin' at it, man
They bring it to your block, have it like Pakistan
Philly boys bringin' noise, makin' wild static, then
We trick cops, even jump out vans, and leave you
Sprayed out, stiffer than a mannequin stance
You get, laid out, clapped with mechanical hands
That kick back, cuz, you and your mans'll get zapped
Just keep, thinkin' my peoples, and peoples'll toy with
A cold blooded kill shit, and keep on doin' it
Cuz that's my pleasure, that's the people's enjoyment
Gangsta's holla at me, if you seekin' employment


GZA - Paper Plate (50 Cent Diss)

Paper plate este piesa diss adresata lui 50 Cent si este prima piesa lansata de la al 5-lea LP solo al lui GZA,Pro Tools. Anul trecut GZA a dissuit intr-un concert trupa G-unit si pe Soulja Boy. 50 cent a raspuns numindu-l pe GZA o "relicva". 

“I’m going to annihilate 50, he can’t fuck with me lyrically,” GZA a spus lui Miss Info. 

aici este piesa : 

"You ever see someone who roll with Mayweather, rhyme like Ricky Hatton 
Smash whatever you throw, 1000 is what I'm battin' 
Got a few hooks but no jabs 
Took 'em out your corndog books and notepads 
I get it, you Got Rich robbin' those in the industry 
Bite off this one, steal from your enemy 
Never try to play the hottest one out your camp 
He might step off and take half the juice from your amp 
Enough to make you Vogue on the cover of GQ 
Only missin' the sheer blouse. Homie, you see-through 
Stop sippin' on that Formula 50 
They want heat, I'll give it to them burnt and crispy 
Rhymes too short to box with God, so stretch it 
Especially these overrated rap steppin fetchers 
I told you if I rain, there'll be an eternal drizzle 
Woodwork strips being chipped to charred chisel 
One verse shatter your spine and crush your spirit 
No matter what, you still Window Shop for lyrics 
If you's a pimp, put chicks on a stroll 
And if those your soldiers, give 'em bigger guns to hold 
Who Shot Ya? You don't have enough on your roster 
Move like a Fed, talk like a mobster 
That Yayo slangin, please abort it 
Too many cuts on it, cokeheads they won't snort it 
Spray the Flea-Unit with pesticides 
You can get your best ghostwriters, get them all to testify 
Have you ever been stung by a thousand hornets? 
Five hundred killa bees, buzzin' and really on it 
Whipped with CUBAN LINX, cut with LIQUID SWORDS 
Choked by IRONMAN 'til we crush your vocal cords. 
You ain't nothin' but a pig in a blanket 
Hoghead, the deadliest food at the banquet. 
All this rap crap that's trapped in your colon 
Only means, get rid of the wack sh-- ya holdin' 
Sweet-tooth dudes stay out the Candyshop 
You ain't gotta handcuff 'em to see the panties drop 
A few cats is lookin' for a rat with cheese 
Got somethin' to pitch? They all swing a bat with ease 
Get your ankles rolled while doin' your two-step 
Leave a Thank-You note for the crutches the Wu left 
Proactive rap, you know they put drug in the cream 
You hallucinate, see Kanye in your dream 
And yo, I don't smoke dust; I dust off Smokey and the Bandits 
With the brush stroke off the canvas 
I walk on your Gators and lizards, 
Raise the lynx that was killed for your minx, you be rockin' them Blizzards 
Wanna be caught 'til you walk the D-Block 
To get a transfer, I'll spread your wings like Peacocks 
I was an emcee while you was in Nutville 
On a world tour, you was gettin' your guts feeled 
Ten years ya sayin' but I flow like I'm twenty-one 
Straight out Medina with a mass of many sons 
Super nova give off gamma-ray bursts 
And I'll finish this, only 'cause I let off first 

Via HHK.

Genial! Nu degeaba i se spune "The Genius" lu' GZA.

Si-a luat-o Juma' de $. C'est la vie. Sau Tel Aviv.

Kool G Rap with DJ Muggs - Real Life

This one is for my people in the street and six feet baby...
Watch yourself kid, the jakes be deep and on the creep now...
What the deal, this ones for my duns thats upstate doin' bids...
Stay reppin' queens with infra-red beams...

[verse 1]
I only rock with fam'n
Plot plannin' niggas that cock cannons
Roll with the ox jammin' niggas doin' whole bids in the box standin'
8 niggas thats quick to hop in the van'n
Cock glocks and put the drops on the whole block gamblin'
Turn it to knots landin'
Gun shots got 'em scramblin'
Leavin' 4 cops to examine
The streets are frigid so i speak it vivid
Sleep it, love it, and live it
If you want one of these slugs i'm'a give it
And pop you 'till you drop liquid
Your days are numbered and i'm droppin' the digits
Bodies get sent to the chop shop like civics
All for poppin' up on the wrong blocks to visit
The wrong spot to risk it
Nothin' but hollow tops in the biscuits
Get helicopter lifted out your hot lizards
Keep it far from the child shit
.40 cal. spit
Runnin' with wild cliques
Dead you and beat the murder trial shit
12 valve whips
The strip is scorchin'
Flooded with drug enforcement lawmen
Strippin' your fortune
Shorties are like the statue of liberty, they stay liftin' the torch'n
Orphans that spit the fifth often
Mad chicks get abortions
Weak ones lay stiff in a coffin
Federal stakeouts, spots get raided
Shots get traded
Come in a lock everything rock related
Keepin' the cell blocks overly populated
Incarcerated scarfaces inoxicated
Bodies get operated
Some get chopped and faded
Leave 'em bleedin' in need for medical aid
For dough metal gets rasied
When shit gets hot it's hard to settle the blaze
The ghetto we praise.

Chorus -
The life you hold
Is just like the dice you roll
Be careful kid, these streets is ice cold
The thirsty worms out workin' the night patrol
For the price of gold
As the story of our life gets told.

[verse 2]
How many make it out, it's one in a million
Scared to death 'cause one of your children
Just might be the next one to get stretched in front on the building
Dumbin' out, pullin' guns out, runnin' wit' villians
Livin' in pain, kid in a street gang
Trapped in these blocks where the heat flames
Where niggas reach for they thang
Speak slang, chop your grill until the meat hang
Bustin' they gat, runnin' their deep games
Look out for the cheap dames that set you up
Invite you to the crib to wet you up
Lift your necklace up
Quick to lift and mess you up
Smith and wess' you up
Never press your luck
Be prepared to bust
How many you dare to trust?
Keep your friends close and enemies closer
I pour double shots of remi to toast ya friendly ghost until they send
Me over
Send some guinea's to roast ya
If they can't approach ya send me the semi-toasters
Give 'em the kennedy dose and send three in ya boulder
Life is about bendin' them slimmy's over
Plenty bentley's and rovers
Half naked women for limo chauffers
Crib with the fendi sofa's
Black costa nostras
Crack jehovas stackin' like sosa
Taylor made suits with gucci penny loafers
Mac tens in holsters for rats and vultures
Havin' dt's package and coach us
These raps are vulgar
Blow the backs of cobras
Roll with the gat exploders, gun slingers
Corners and slum hangers
The brick a ton bringers
Keep one in the chamber


Ma intreb cum baga 3 milioane de cuvinte pe minut intr-un concert...

PS: Daca sunt doritori de material mai bun, o urc pe divshare.

ADN Cryptik cu DJ Paul - Maya

Instrumentalu' mi-e foarte drag. :D Ingioi it.

R.A.C.L.A cu VeritaSaga - Forme şi Schimbări

Strofa 1

Lucrăm în schimburi încercând a provoca schimbări majore
Pierdem săptămâni şi zile şi nopţi şi ore
Reformulând răspunsuri la întrebări ce vi se par minore
Doar noi realizăm ceea ce restul pierde
Strigăm doar "la dracu'", "god damn it" sau ca francezul "merde"
Că sunt incerte toate cele ce ne par lumeşti
Oare eu sunt, el e, tu eşti
Tot nu ne este dat să înţelegem, nu ştim
Ştim doar că alegem a ne schimba a ignora şi a forma noi înţelesuri 
Pentru o lume care nu mai are dreptul să ne schimbe să ne transforme
Nu ne vom conforma, nu vom ceda, nu vom urma norme impuse de alţii
Suntem fiii ce vor fi taţii celor ce vor găsi relaţii
Între ce va fi şi ce va fi mai târziu 
Pe cei din trecut ha-ha-ha-ha uitaţi-i! 

Refren x 2

Avem puterea de a accepta ceea ce nu poate fi schimbat
Curajul de a schimba ceea ce poate fi schimbat
Multe s-au schimbat dar venim cu o forţă nouă
În schimb putem distinge între cele două

Strofa 2 

E aceeaşi R.A.C.L.Ă., formula-i schimbată
Continuăm să lăsăm aceeaşi pată
Cu aceeaşi gardă sus vă vom lovi la plus infinit ca altă dată
Cu o nouă talpă îi vom călca pe cap pe cei al căror nume-mi scapă
Schimbăm după cazuri nu facem nazuri punând gheara pe macazuri
Plin de elan savurează izul Apocalipsei după Ioan
Ei bine putem schimba destine
Căci şi copilul îndemnat, ghidat de diavol divin devine
Se schimbă singur şi-i sigur pe sine
Schimbă-ţi comportamentul atunci când e nevoie
Schimbă-ţi starea de spirit atunci când trebuie
Schimbă-ţi părerile formate de la o vorbă goală
Schimbă-te de tot şi totuşi păstrează-ţi forma iniţială!

Refren x 2

Strofa 3 

Ne temem de schimbări şi de aceea respingem tot ce-i nou 
Ne sperie chiar ideea de străini care ne spun "hello"
Sunt conectat la Geea dar de am ocazia de a fi resurect ca Lazăr 
Plec către alte galaxii şi orice-ar fi, yo liric scanez milenii 
Dau ignore trecerii vremii-n mii parseci 
Prin faţa mea ca Star Trek peste-obstacole ce-mi par zeci 
La aurolaci împart geci, azi-mâine le zic de azteci 
Mai cade un zid, mai cade-un Azazel avid de vid, decade un Papă 
La fel ca vechii atlanţi mai intră câte-un dictator la apă 
Întreabă-te cum primeşti ce-acu-ţi zic io 
Dac-ai afla ce face SETI via Arecibo Puerto Rico 
Ştii c-o să vină o vreme când ai să vezi că te-ngrădesc prea multe scheme 
Prea multe dogme despre prea mulţi zei în calea reformei 
Şi chiar de vrei schimbări eşti prizonierul formei tale materiale 
Un suflet printre altele captive-n animale 
Cândva priveai spre soare te rugai s-apară şi a doua zi 
Acum ce-ar fi dacă ai ştii ce spune Illuminati 
De fapt crezi în ştiinţă dar creezi doar neputinţă de-adaptare la schimbare 
Atunci când ştiinţa-i depăşită eşti în pană de repere de fixare 
Fără traducătoare ca piatra de la Rosetta radiez teroare ca ETA! 

Refren x 4 


P.S: Folosiţi Google pentru cuvintele pe care nu le ştiţi. Nu-s DEX aka DOOM2.


Grandmaster Flash - The Bridge - Concept of a culture

Primul album de studio al lui Grandmaster Flash dupa o pauza de 20 de ani a fost finalizat. Intitulat “The Bridge: Concept Of A Culture”, albumul este rezultatul a mai bine de 2 ani de munca. Materialul contine un line-up remarcabil, printre invitati regasindu-se: Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Q-Tip, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, s.a. 


01. Welcome 
02. Shine All Day feat. Q-Tip, Jumz & Kel Spencer & Jumz 
03. We Speak Hip Hop feat. Afasi, Kase-O, Maccho, Abass & KRS-One 
04. Here Comes My DJ feat. DJ Kool & DJ Demo 
05. Bounce Back feat. Busta Rhymes 
06. Swagger feat. Red Café, Snoop Dogg & Lynn Carter 
07. What If feat. KRS-One 
08. Unanswered (Interlude) 
09. Tribute To The Breakdancer feat. MC Supernatural 
10. Grown & Sexy feat. Mr Cheeks 
11. When I Get There feat. Big Daddy Kane & Hedonis Da Amazon 
12. Connection (Interlude) 
13. I Got Sumthin' To Say feat. Lordikim Allah, J-Flo & Almighty Thor 
14. Can I Take You Higher feat. Mr Cheeks, Grandmaster Caz & Tito 
15. Unpredictable feat. Syndee & Big Daddy Kane 
16. Those Chix feat. Byata, Princess Superstar & Hedonis Da Amazon 
17. Bronx Bombers feat. Lordikim Allah, Almighty Thor & Mann Child 
18. Zuka The Sound (Interlude) 
19. Oh Man feat. Syndee & Natacha Atlas

Via BlackSheepSound.

PS: Suna bine. Al dracu' de bine.

NU imi pasa ce asculti!

Sa ma pis pe autoplay-ul vostru! M-am saturat sa intru pe site-uri si sa-mi urle toate cacaturile in ureche! Daca vreau sa ascult ceva la tine pe sait (ceea ce evident, nu vreau - si de asemenea, nu cred ca vrea foarte multa lume) dau personal "play". Ma pis pe playlistu' tau de cacat! (aici intra Emo-shit, Lacuna Coil copycats, geamanduri ca Sean Kingston sau potcovari ca BUG Mafia)


Cedry2k - Alchimia Veninului

A VENIT!!! Ecstatic happy-happy joy-joy! Graffiti misto inauntru, trackuri si mai misto pe CD, carcasa cu o crapatura de 1mm (nici nu merita sa fac scandal la HHK pentru atata!)... Ce pula mea, Cedry2k, nene! SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS!

Pace Won & Mr. Green - Hip Hop

Ceva in genu' lu' Rakim. Enjoy it. Ciuliti urechile la versuri.

"It's the way we talk, it's the way we walk... It's the love, the life..."

R.A.C.L.A - Cântăreţii de Rap

Cu doar două platane şi un "mic", cântăreţii de Rap
Se dau peste cap să nu vă facă pe plac
Nu tac când este vorba doar de realitate
Sau atunci când declară zone calamitate
Peisaje, pasaje, vederi direct din capitală
Nici o zi nu-i banală, nici o noapte la fel
La fel ca Melle Mel în "Armă Mortală", intru-n cartier
Am ca reper baieţi cu levier bazaţi pe rever
"R.A.C.L.A. forever" strigă toţi, din colţ în colţ
Din '93 am pus Hip-Hop-ul românesc pe roţi
Poeţii străzilor nu prea cunosc bemolii şi diezii
Dar dau farmec la drame ca marele Arghezi
Pentru întreaga mişcare un manifest
Ridic cuvântul sus până la Tatăl Ceresc!

- Eu nu pricep ce vor cantareţii de rap
- Să te perpelim un pic la foc mic, ca pe Kebab
- Eu nici nu ştiu de fapt ce e muzica rap
- Bravo scafandrule, fă scufundări, dă-te Cousteau la I.C.A.B.
- Scuzaţi-mă băieţi, spuneţi cine-s cântăreţii de rap
- Sunt cei care conjugă des verbul "to fuck"
Sunt toţi cei care-n dicţionare adaugă ceva în plus
Nu-ţi convine ce-am spus? Scoate-o pe mă-ta la produs!

Putem fi acuzaţi de practici anti-comerciale
Nu urmărim succesul, cuvintele gen "soare", "vară", "mare"
Le-am decupat din dicţionare, pe scenă n-avem dansatoare
Mişcările noastre sunt naturale ca extractul de plante
Vorbim despre belele folosind "belle-arte"
Nascuţi pentru a fi liberi, n-acceptăm idei alese
Şi prin tot ce facem suntem în atenţia presei de scandal
La bal sau la spital, cântăm doar live, numai pe viu, şi în direct
Ura şi la sicriu cu toţi cei care cântă playback!
Ne investim şi ultimul bănuţ pentru vestimentaţie
Dac-aţi şti cât costă aţi intra în stări de meditaţie
În scop de pură decoraţie
suntem dotaţi cu spray-uri şi cu markere
Dar oagăre, oare de ce-s preceptele Sfintei Scripturi
Iar tu confunzi graffiti-ul cu mâzgăleli prin lifturi?


Suntem blamaţi pentru înjuraturi, pentru violenţă fizică sau verbală
Suntem atacaţi că incităm la degradare morală, prin consum de droguri şi alcool
Da-n România-n anul 2000 tre' să fii sfânt ca să rezişti, altfel
Parol c-aş scrie numa' texte cu parfum de primavară
Despre ce ţară avem - beton - şi-aş deveni un alt bizon
Bun de export la Eurovision
Mă doare-n... de stratul de ozon
Masive defrişări, război sau subnutriţie
Atunci când propria mea specie este-n curs de dispariţie
Râdeţi de noi cum râde Cheloo de calviţie
În tranziţie către mâine, amintiţi-vă de ieri
De cântăreţu' de Rap ca de-un străjer al dreptăţii
Cultura Hip-Hop este oglinda societăţii
Vreţi s-o distrugeţi, dar aduce ghinion
Iar altă muzică v-ar aduce cu picioarele pe plafon
"Plus Infinit" e la sfarşit, vă dăm cu "Pace" şi-am ieşit
Rimaru', K-gula, DJ Dox apasă "exit"...


Tricouri VeritaSaga

Au mai ramas vreo 12 bucati de tricouri pentru muieri. Check out the link for details. Bagati-va repede, nu stiti cand fug. :D



Compilatie - Ce Ati Uitat Voi (Vol. I)

Un material fain, interesant si nu in ultimu' rand, moca. Cel mai mult mi-a placut "Gheoo - Pot Spune", insa nici restu' nu-i de aruncat. "Rupe-ti bocsele"

Download @ KegaRecords.

Cumicu - Lasă Coniacul Să Curgă

Iar atunci când noi poate n-o să mai fim
Lasă coniacul să curgă, da-ne o ţigară şi-o să ne-amintim
De clipele care au fost şi nu revin
Lasă pe masă o scrumieră şi-un pahar de vin.

Iar atunci când noi poate n-o să mai fim
Lasă coniacul să curgă, da-ne o ţigară şi-o să ne-amintim
De clipele care au fost şi nu revin
Lasă pe masă o scrumieră şi-un pahar de vin.

Nu vrem să simţim cum trece tinereţea, ştim
Că o să vină o vreme când pentru păcate o să plătim
Nu vrem să plecăm fără să lăsăm ceva in urmă
Asta-i munca noastră, unii o simt, alţii o curmă.
Nu vrem să ne jeleşti, iar atunci când n-o să fim 
Să ne asculţi şi să închini un pahar de gin.
Nu vrem să treacă zilele, nu vrem să treacă anii
Iar inimile noastre nu-s de cumpărat, să-ţi fuţi bă banii!
Nu vrem sa ne-amintim,
Ca unii au plecat fara sa zica „pa ba ne-auzim”. 
Nu vrem să povestim despre ce nu simţim
Asta-i România, ain't no American dream.
Nu vrem să ştim unde o să fim peste ani
Şi bagă la cap că noi nu ne credem baştani!
N-avem averi, avem doar prieteni care sună
Să ne spună "griji de tine, bă te pup, noapte bună!”

Iar atunci când noi poate n-o să mai fim
Lasă coniacul să curgă, da-ne o ţigară şi-o să ne-amintim
De clipele care au fost şi nu revin
Lasă pe masă o scrumieră şi-un pahar de vin.

Iar atunci când noi poate n-o să mai fim
Lasă coniacul să curgă, da-ne o ţigară şi-o să ne-amintim
De clipele care au fost şi nu revin
Lasă pe masă o scrumieră şi-un pahar de vin.

Iar atunci când noi poate n-o să mai fim
Lasă coniacul să curgă, da-ne o ţigară şi-o să ne-amintim
De clipele care au fost şi nu revin
Lasă pe masă o scrumieră şi-un pahar de vin.

Iar atunci când noi poate n-o să mai fim
Lasă coniacul să curgă, da-ne o ţigară şi-o să ne-amintim
De clipele care au fost şi nu revin
Lasă pe masă o scrumieră şi-un pahar de vin.

Fulgi de Zinc

Labareala. Zi de sambata. 14 Februarie. Chh, ce plictiseala. De obicei omoram timpu'. Azi el ne omoara pe noi. Incet, incet, incet... Ne suceste venele, ne scoate ochii si ne impute picioarele. Toate astea pentru ca vor americanii sa sarbatoreasca Valentine's Day. Sa aveti o zi fericita, mortaciunilor. Coliva vine mai tarziu. Numa' bombonele rosii.



Happy shitty commercial puli-n cur! Sa hraniti americanii, ca n-au burtile destul de mari. Duceti-va de va luati papitoi si inimioare rosii, ca e trendi. Hai sictir si la sicriu. Bucurati-va de 14 Februarie, o zi oarecare.

In Vino Veritas...aga.

Sunt ca geeku' ce vorbeste numai de Star Trek. Nu apar in poze si cand apar ies naspa. Sunt al dracu' de belea, am valoare si Dacie-n parcare. Pa dracu'. Hai sictir si la sicriu. Enjoy: "VeritaSaga cu Suie Paparude - Mai Departe"

"Vrei sa fiu rau? Sunt rau! TE FUT IN GURA!"

-- Jhivago, VeritaSaga - Nu Meriti (Punct si de la capat 2003)

Cretini cu facultate

Da, deci firmele serioase angajeaza traducatori cu facultate. Dom'le, daca sunt imbecili, facultatea-i fix pula!

Nu se asculta, se simte!

In cinstea tricoului va dau cu "VeritaSaga - Ill Street Blues (cu DJ Faibo X)" in cap. Enjoy. Negativu' rupe. Punct.

Compilatie - Din Noua Scoala vol.1

Aceasta compilatie este realizata de BlackSheep si Assasin, in scopul afirmarii unor mc/trupe nu foarte cunoscute din Romania si se poate downloada gratuit de aici. Pentru mai multe informatii click.


01. Alexsay - Pamant natal 

02. Arkadas - invata sa traiesti

03. BlackSheep - Conspiratii

04. ContraSens - Viata buna

05. DaOne - Cat de mult raneste dragostea (cu Ewa)

06. Dinte - Mort

07. Fleascu - Ochiul dracului'

08. Leon - Le sta in fire (cu Ghetto si Seba)

09. Paragraf - Suflete pustii (cu Doze)

10. Partial - Sos salveaza-mi casa (cu DJ Soundmeth)

11. Perchezitia - Cu mult tupeu

12. Satan - Am zis (cu Juice si C4nicula)

13. Smoke - Traieste-ti viata (cu Demoo)

14. Sunet Toxic - Legat (cu Arssura)

15. Ultraj - Adu sticla cu vin

16. YoBack - Povesti de demult (cu DaFF)

17. Zellu - Doar...

18. 3Qtrei - Langa tine

Via HHK & BlackSheepSound.


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